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Protecting the P

By Jay Thompson

The Cal Poly P, one of the oldest hillside initials in the western U.S., is about to receive a much-needed makeover. Work has begun to renovate the landmark that has overlooked the campus and city of San Luis Obispo for nearly a century.

This spring the university temporarily stopped the tradition of decorating the P amid concerns that wear and tear had made accessing the structure unsafe.

“The area around the P has deteriorated over the years and is in need of repair,” said Leigh Ramirez, Cal Poly’s interim executive director of Facilities Management. “The project will correct some erosion issues and restore the P to a safe condition for students to continue the tradition of decorating the monument to commemorate campus activities and displays of school spirit.”

The project, which is funded by ASI’s University Union Advisory Board, will include rerouting
900 feet of trail and additional corrective measures at the base of the P, as well as erosion control and protection and steps to improve access and movement around the concrete structure.

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