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Photo courtesy San Luis Obispo Tribune.
Tracy Biller (Speech Communication, ’83) and his wife, Lori, enjoying a burger at Scrubby & Lloyd’s on their wedding day.

We recently asked followers of the Cal Poly Alumni Facebook page to answer a very important question.

“When you were a student, what was your favorite place to eat – either on campus or out in town?”

Here are some of our favorite responses.

The Ag Engineering burgers and beans for $2 on Fridays! All the CAED kids were doing it! Duh!

Bob Roth, ’96

Scrubby & Lloyd’s, hands down!
Craig Park, ’78

Osos St. Subs, that was a long time ago, it’s not there anymore, we checked. My husband and I were there from ’85-’88. The sandwiches were really stuffed full. Miss that place. It’s been 30 years, goodness sakes!
Jayashree Doyle, ’88

In the early ’90s – Kona’s canoes, Louisa’s omelets, Assembly Line salads & baked potatoes, anything at Fat Cats in Avila, and smoothies at the original Juice Club (now everywhere as Jamba Juice). Still have the mug!
Karen Cain, ’94

Special nod to Pete’s Southside Cafe. Worked there and had the best Shrimp and Rice Burrito and enchilada sauce that had peanut butter and chocolate in it. Sorry, Pete, if I gave away a secret recipe.
Jason Zinn, ’92

In the late ’70s we were always up for a sandwich at the Spindle — then listened to the twins play folk music out by the creek. Always a long line though.
Ann Krebs Barry, ’86

Donuts on Foothill Blvd. But only at 3 a.m. when the apple fritters came out. OMG! The smell was intoxicating.
Stan Clark, ’74

Going up the hill to the on-campus Ag store to get some incredible Cal Poly ice cream!!!
Laura Barnthouse, ’77

Spike’s, Woodstocks, and the frozen yogurt place downtown. My husband, Greg Helwick, and I toasted with our black Spike’s mugs at our wedding. Ah, for a plate of Skins American and some croquettes!
Vicki Helwick, ’87

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