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Shaping Our Local Community

As an institution of higher education, Cal Poly’s first and most important mission is obviously to serve its students. But as we prepare the graduates who will shape the future, another critical mission is to serve our surrounding community today.

We are currently in the process of expanding our on-campus tech park, which houses more than a dozen companies employing both local residents and Cal Poly students. The CIE Hothouse is thriving, providing resources for both enterprising students whose ideas are impacting the community and local entrepreneurs and freelancers in need of an outstanding and affordable workspace.

The Cyber Security Training Center and the Central Coast Cyber Forensics Laboratory have been established as a powerful tool for law enforcement agencies across the region and the state.

We are developing partnerships with key community members around the issues that will be created by the decommissioning of Diablo Canyon Power Plant in the next few years. When Diablo Canyon closes, San Luis Obispo County will lose 1,500 jobs as it grapples with what to do with the facility, and we intend to play a strong role in addressing both those issues. We hope to help lead the discussion in how this important facility can find a new purpose that benefits the people of our community.

And of course, the people that work, live and study at Cal Poly are a crucial part of the San Luis Obispo community as well. As we plan for our campus toward 2022 and beyond, we’re already looking at options to provide additional housing for the people we draw to this area, whether they’re students or university employees.

Cal Poly takes seriously its role as a neighbor, a leader, a resource and an economic driver on the Central Coast. As we work together with the people of this community, we will continue to do our part to help shape and improve the incredible region we call home.


Jeffrey D. Armstrong

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