Big Picture

Reading Between the Vines

A person wearing a face mask and a head lamp holds a blue bin while walking through a vineyard

While most Mustangs enjoyed the last few hours of sleep before fall quarter classes officially began on Sept. 20, a team of wine and viticulture students and faculty were wide awake and hard at work in Trestle Vineyard, northwest of the campus core. In the cool, pre-dawn hours, student researchers including Josh Toepfer gathered data on the number and weight of grape clusters for a research project studying variations in pinot noir clones. Faculty members Jean Dodson Peterson and L. Federico Casassa oversee the project, funded by the Oregon Wine Board. The vineyard’s harvest supplies fruit for Cal Poly Wine, wine production courses and other research endeavors.

Photo by Joe Johnston. Read more about the wine grape harvest and see photos from the vineyard on the Cal Poly News website.