A group of students in traditional Indian costumes perform a dance on an outdoor stage.

How Well Do You Know Cal Poly’s Clubs?

Think you know all about Cal Poly’s student organizations? Take the quiz and find out!

By Larry Peña

With hundreds of student clubs, cultural organizations, club sports and major-related extracurricular activities to choose from, there’s always something for Cal Poly students to do. Take this quiz and find out how well you know Cal Poly’s club scene. 

#1. What is the biggest club on campus, with 394 current members?

Cal Poly Surfrider Foundation. Cal Poly has its own chapter of this international organization, dedicated to protecting the oceans.

The members of Cal Poly's Surfrider Club pose for a photo at the beach, holding up a banner promoting beach cleanup

#2. About how many clubs are there on campus?

400, although the number fluctuates a bit from year to year as old clubs fade away and new ones take off.  

#3. Which club sports team is the current national champion in its sport?

Women’s Soccer. Founded in 2009, Cal Poly FC won its first national title in 2022. 

A group of young women in athletic gear pose for a photo on a field, holding a title plaque.

#4. Which Club Sport has won the most national championships? 

Women’s Lacrosse. The team won 7 national championships in a row from 2001 from 2007! 

Two young women in Cal Poly lacrosse jerseys and athletic headbands, one wearing an eye protector, laugh and smile as they hug each other on a field

#5. About how many events did student clubs host during the last school year?

13,000. From big multi-club showcases to small game or movie nights, there’s almost always a club event going on during the school year! 

#6. What percentage of Cal Poly students are involved in at least one club?

60%. That’s about 12,744 students in 2022-2023! 

#7. Which of the following clubs are real clubs that have operated at Cal Poly?

All of the above! All of these clubs and more exist or have recently existed on campus. There’s truly something for everyone!

A young man on a unicycle wearing a green jersey jumps over two other students lying on the sidewalk

#8. How many social fraternities and sororities have chapters at Cal Poly?

36. All together, about 3,500 students are part of the fraternity and sorority communities on campus. 

A line of young men in matching "Lambda Theta Phi" t-shirts dance at the University Union

#9. Two national Greek life organizations — Sigma Omega Nu and Nu Alpha Kappa — were founded at Cal Poly. What bond do members of these groups share?

Latino/Latina interest. The fraternity and sorority are two of several organizations on campus created to celebrate Hispanic heritage! 

A group of young Latina women pose in front of a booth with Sigma Omega Nu banners 

#10. What animal was featured on Cal Poly’s award-winning 2023 Tournament of Roses Parade float?

Snails. The Rose Float team is probably Cal Poly’s most famous club! The group’s entry, “Road to Reclamation,” featuring brightly-colored snails amid a scene of flowers and mushrooms, won the parade’s Extraordinaire Award. 

A float featuring snails, flowers and a giant mushroom rolls down a street in front of a sign reading "Rose Parade"

#11. Which of the following timber sports does the Cal Poly Logging Team NOT participate in?

Chainsaw carving. All these other rugged activities are part of the team’s competitive events, as well as more everyday practical skills like timber analysis, wood identification and simple cutting with axes and power saws.

A student in a Cal Poly Logging Team t-shirt throws a double-bit axe at a distant wood target.





You know your Cal Poly clubs pretty well!


Better Luck Next Time!