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Weird Al Recalls KCPR in Exclusive Interview


At a recent program celebrating the centennial of Cal Poly student journalism, Grammy-winning comedy musician “Weird Al” Yankovic was inducted as one of the inaugural members of the Mustang Media Hall of Fame. In a speech at the ceremony, Yankovic spoke of his days as an architecture student before he went on to be a musician.

“The great irony of my college years is that I worked myself to near exhaustion through four years of architecture school, and the one part of my college experience that even remotely prepared me for my current livelihood was the three hours a week of me screwing around and goofing off at KCPR,” he said. “I want to thank KCPR and the Cal Poly Journalism department for letting my freak flag fly.”

Just before the ceremony, Yankovic sat down with Cal Poly Magazine to talk about his time in the booth at KCPR and the great acoustics in the infamous “Studio 229,” where he recorded his first single, “My Bologna.”

-Becky Zieber

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