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Finding the Joy

Editor Larry Peña on our quest for the bright spots in the Cal Poly community

Editor Larry Peña in a green sweatshirt standing on campus

It’s been a wild year in a series of wild years. In our fall issue, we kicked off this academic year celebrating the triumphant return to campus after nearly two years away due to COVID. But even since we’ve reunited on campus, we have faced some daunting challenges felt worldwide.

That’s why we think that it’s more important than ever to find the joy in what we do. Yes, the things we study, the work we do and the parts of life that get in the way can be difficult. But if we’re lucky, we do what we do because we feel a sense of joy and purpose and calling. We overcome the challenges because we’ve found something worth doing.

Cal Poly is a community where people don’t just do what they love. They pursue their passions relentlessly, commit wholeheartedly and dive in headfirst and hands-on.

You’ll notice that this issue is centered around finding joy in the things we do at Cal Poly. Whether it’s young architects putting their time and energy on the line to try something new, or students and faculty celebrating their chosen paths with beautiful, very permanent artwork on their bodies, we wanted to highlight stories of people finding joy in the things that call them to action.

Please enjoy this issue of Cal Poly Magazine, and send us a message at magazine@calpoly.edu to let us know what brought you joy today.

Larry Pena, Editor