Class Notes

College of Science and Mathematics

Jack Suttich (Math, ’57) is happily married with five children, six grandchildren and one great granddaughter. He retired from AT&T in 1982, and worked in Alaska for five years on and off. Then he taught calculus and physics in high school part time. His children have graduated from Chico State, Sacramento State, UCLA and the University of Washington.
Megan Mori (Biochemistry, ’84) recently created a healing activity workbook for people suffering from chronic or severe illness or injury. Her book, “Being Sick Is an Adventure,” is illustrated by Andrew Davidson, known for his work on the Harry Potter series. Mori beta tested the book at the William Sansum Diabetes Research Institute, the project was part of a study funded by the National Institutes of Health.
Kurt Urquhart (Biochemistry, ’90) has traveled all around the world, to places including Kuwait, Germany, Washington, D.C., and Australia. He met his wife in New York City and they had a son in Australia. He says that Learn by Doing has been his mantra, leading him through a life on the move, full of exploration. As a Cal Poly alumnus, he followed his father, Donald Urquhart (Architectural Engineering, ’62), he hopes his infant son, Julius, will find someday become a Mustang as well.
Ten years into a successful medical sales career, Tony Martello (Biological Sciences, ’98) found an unusual quarter in his pocket change — one of the last silver quarters minted and released for circulation, from 1964. He began collecting coins, eventually running across a 1974 silver Eisenhower dollar showing a blue halo effect called rainbow toning. The phenomenon requires a rare convergence of chemical and physical conditions to create beautiful rainbow effects, and such coins fetch a premium from collectors. Martello began studying the phenomenon and searching for rainbow toned coins. The search has now become a treasured hobby and a side business, as he collects and sells unusual rainbow toned coins. “A hobby I found outside of science now combines the chemistry and physics principles I learned at Cal Poly,” he says.
Tony Martello
Gennarina Riso (Biological Sciences, ’12) started medical school at Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Colorado last July. She is grateful to Cal Poly for preparing her to follow her dream of becoming a physician.
Zachary Epperson (Biology, ’13) and his fiancé, Cait Courtney, are getting married in Solvang, Calif. in July.
Camille Phillips (Biological Sciences, ’13) was recently hired at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, Calif., as an ultrasound technologist after completing a yearlong training program at U.C. San Diego Medical Center. Phillips is excited to pursue a career in healthcare and is looking forward to many successful years ahead.


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