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Central to California

Editor Larry Peña reflects on this issue's climate change theme and the myriad ways Cal Poly is helping solve the problem.

Larry Peña looks toward the P on Cal Poly's campus

Algae biofuels. Wind energy off California’s coast. A resilient response reuniting a community in the wake of epidemic wildfires. An alumnus on the front lines of climate disasters. These are a few of the things you’re going to read in what has become something of a “climate change” issue of Cal Poly Magazine.

But the stories we ended up publishing were certainly not the only things we found as we searched the university for meaningful work being done on this critical topic.

We found statistics faculty doing foundational work to quantify climate change data. We found city and regional planning faculty who are authorities around the state on a greener way to build our communities. We found political science faculty creating sharable resources to guide better climate policy. We found students leading the campus in reducing its carbon footprint and advocating for better care for our oceans.

As in so many other areas, people doing climate work across Cal Poly play a central role in building a better future for our state and the world, and in coming issues we will highlight more of their stories.

This university is a place where people learn to get things done, and it fills me with hope to think about the impact of that experience aimed at the challenge of protecting our planet.


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Larry Peña, Editor