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Blake Bolton


It’s really fun working for a company that is literally helping connect the world. Our company has developed life saving communication technology for our armed forces, provided consumers the ability to receive broadband internet for the first time in places like the Australian outback, and enabled streaming video in flight for airlines such as JetBlue. Some of my proudest moments were when my in-laws who farm in Northern California were able to start streaming video at home using our service for the first time. Personally using our broadband service in commercial aircraft has been really exciting as well as having the opportunity to talk with our defense community who have mentioned our products have kept them from harms way. I was fortunate to have met my wife at Cal Poly where we can share memories of our time in SLO together. Our family vacations nearly every summer in Cayucos, so its pretty exciting to see my kids play in the sand and for us to revisit some of our favorite spots in town. It’s also been really rewarding having the opportunity to recruit students from Cal Poly who make a big impact at our company in a very short period of time.