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David C. Kapic

david kapic

Today I am responsible for product strategies and R&D at Schreiber Foods in Green Bay, WI ($5.5 billion global dairy company).  It is rewarding to see concepts turn into commercial products that show up in our grocery stores.  However the true rewards come from working with exceptionally talented people.  We push each other to grow and develop in the quest to realize our potential.  My team drives me to improve every day and in the process it never feels like work! It was a proud moment when I sat in the stands last year watching the nationally ranked Mustang baseball team play. Cal Poly athletics were a big debate during my time as ASI president. I was pro-athletics and supported the controversial student vote to maintain the athletic programs and move to division I. They would have been virtually eliminated had the vote gone the other way (it was relatively close!). It is an amazing feeling to see how far all the sports programs have come over the past 25 years! Go Mustangs!!!