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Robert McKellar

robert mckellar

Thanks to Cal Poly and instructors like Dr. Robert Kennedy, John Healey and Spellman Collins and at least a dozen more, I have been blessed with many wonderful opportunities which I was able to capitalize on, ranging from producing a LA Rams vs Dallas Cowboys pre-season game in Round-Up Stadium in Pendleton, OR to founding the Oregon Forest Products Transportation Association In 1972, my father died and suddenly I was in charge of the citrus farming operation which he and my mother started in 1927. Thanks to wonderful friends and employees, we have continued a successful operation; added a popular farm wedding venue; farm tours for local children as well as folks from all over America and the world and a home and office farm fresh veggies, fruit and farm products delivery service. We are now planning a significant demonstration farm open to the public so that non-farm folks can come see, feel and learn about farms, farming and farmers. My proudest moment came at the end of being invited on my Navy son’s aircraft carrier on what they called the “Tiger Cruise” from Seattle to San Diego. It was an incredible experience. When we came into the harbor in San Diego, with the sailors lining the rails, the bands playing, water boats spraying and flags flying, my heart was bursting with pride in the sailors, the Navy and the United States of America. My time at Cal Poly was a wonderful experience in all ways. Since there were no women students at that time we had to hunt for dates but that did not diminish the experience.