Farewell to Vista Grande

Over the summer, construction crews tore down Vista Grande — the on-campus eatery that has been a staple of the Cal Poly dining experience for more than four decades — to make way for a new state-of-the-art dining complex. The Cal Poly Alumni Facebook page broke the news, even live-streaming a video of the demolition. Here are a few of our favorite alumni reactions.

Vista Grande

Vista Grande Demolition

I cooked eggs and pancakes on weekends in ‘83-’84; I’m sure I was a terrible cook — sorry to all the freshmen I served. Linda Tewiler-Burner I was probably one of those freshmen! I survived!

Jill Baker Combs

Vista Grande at one point was the classy place to have dinner apart from the old cafeteria. But both were good places and cheap … ’77-’83

John A. Espinoza

Julie Hynes what we would have done without VG’s? It’s the end of an era.

Nichole Souza Towell

Marisa Manabe – OMG, our pre-date before our first date!

Jason Jay Sharma

I still have three meals left on my meal plan.

Daniel Donahoe Wait

Emily Yoklavich noooooo!! Not VGs!! Let’s make an egg sausage mystery scramble in its memory RIP

Jennifer Hardy

You know you are getting old when a new building the year you graduated is being removed for a newer one. Yikes!

Geno Azevedo

I owe my Freshman 15 to VG.

Erica Petersen Hinojosa

Ryan Quon Jenny Chan but where can we eat in the middle of the night? Ryan Quon Noooooooo! Bacon grilled cheese sandwiches can’t be replaced! Jenny Chan It was so close to my room!!!! Waffles!!!

Stephanie Yue

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