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Representing a More Complete Community

Earlier this spring, diversity at Cal Poly came into sharp focus. As I watched a movement for better support for minority students unfold across campus and beyond, I began to wonder something.

As the editor of the university’s flagship publication, what could I have done to make an impact on this situation? What can I do better going forward? How can I contribute to a more inclusive Cal Poly?

Cal Poly is sometimes thought of as being a homogeneous campus, but the fact is that the stories and voices of Mustangs of all backgrounds are an important part of this community. We can do a better job of representing more of those stories as a part of our campus identity.

We are committing Cal Poly Magazine to being part of the solution to this problem. We’re going to ensure that the alumni, students, parents, and perhaps most importantly prospective students who read this publication find people like themselves in the stories and images inside.

As we work toward a more complete representation of the Cal Poly community in these pages, I ask that you help us find that broader range of stories. What makes your experience as a Mustang unique? What makes it familiar? Who are the friends, classmates and colleagues in your community who inspire you?

Representation is important. If we can help a more diverse set of students, faculty and staff see themselves as Mustangs, we’re eager to make our contribution — and hope you’ll help us live up to that commitment to a more inclusive future at Cal Poly.



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