Foodies We Missed

Ed. Thank you all so much for the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the redesign! Please keep telling us how we’re doing—if you really like or dislike a story, if you have something to add to a perspective, or even if you disagree with something we’ve printed.

Judging the Redesign

Just read the Fall 2015 issue of Cal Poly Magazine and really enjoyed it; a quality publication. Not only was the content interesting, but the photography was exceptional and the matte finish paper for the cover was a nice touch that sets this publication apart (I worked for Sunset Magazine for eight years so I know a bit about the business).
Well done!
—Mindy Williams

Just read it this morning. Compliments to the editors! Very nicely done. Gorgeously produced. Made me hungry. Made me miss San Luis.
—Matt Deniston

Really enjoying the issue. Good work. I ordered some wine from one of the featured winemakers as a birthday gift for a friend.
My daughter is a senior. My wife and I couldn’t be happier for the education she has received. Our Missouri born and reared kid is now a thoroughly California girl!
—Bob Barton

Your team did a fantastic job with the new edition of the Fall 2015 Cal Poly Magazine. Great articles, great photos and interesting content… I read it non-stop when it arrived at my house. I was so happy with your magazine this week that I made an additional online contribution to the Cal Poly Fund!
Keep up the good work!
—Philippe Bourgeon

Foodies We Missed

Ed. In the Food & Wine Issue last fall, we obviously weren’t able to profile every Cal Poly alumnus who is running an interesting winery, restaurant, or food or beverage company. Here are a few who fell through the cracks and wrote in to tell us about it.

Pacific Pickle Works, Santa Barbara, Calif.
Owned by Bradley Bennett (Architecture, ’92)

California Cider Company – makers of Ace Cider, Los Angeles, Calif.
Owned and operated by the family of Simon (Business Administration, ’10) and Jeremy House (Business Administration, ’15)

Castoro Cellars, Paso Robles, Calif.
Founded by Niels Udsen (Agribusiness Management, ’80)

Wild Horse Winery, Templeton, Calif.
Founded by Ken Volk (Fruit Science, ’83)

LeBoulanger, locations across California; and Fire, Oak & Barley, Palo Alto, Calif.
Owned and operated by the Brunello family of alumni – father Daniel (Business Administration, ’79), mother Linda (Animal Science, ’80), daughter Kristina (Recreation Administration, ’07), son Jeffrey (Agricultural Business, ’08) and daughter Ashley (Recreation Administration, ’13)

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