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College of Engineering

Gene WeisenbergGene Weisenberg (Refrigeration/Mechanical Engineering ’49) passed away in at his home in San Marino, Calif., in the presence of family and friends. After serving in the U.S. Navy from 1944 until 1946 in the South Pacific, he attended Cal Poly under the G.I. Bill. He married his wife, Barbara, in 1949, and spent the majority of his 45-year professional career with the Carrier Corporation and The Val Air Company, holding a variety of senior management positions including President of Carrier Southern California. His friends and family remember him as a kind, loving and generous man, and according to close friends, “he was such easy company.”

RobinsonEugene Robinson (Aeronautical Engineering ’55) celebrated the 48th anniversary of his involvement with the Apollo 11 mission. Approximately 40 former McDonnell-Douglas employees who worked on the Saturn-Apollo project, along with their families, gathered to reminisce and celebrate the event. Robinson was part of the development and acceptance testing program of the Saturn SIV and SIVB rockets.

George Dudley (Mechanical Engineering ’59) and his wife, Eileen, spent five weeks in Europe this summer. Their trip began with a visit to Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany, where their grandson is stationed. They spent a week in Prague and ended their trip visiting family in England.

John and Anita (Glenn) Campbell (Electronic Engineering ’60 and English/Speech, ’60) have been married for almost 57 years. They both retired in 1997 and have spent the past 20 years enjoying life and their kids, grandkids, and two great granddaughters.

BaumanTom Bauman (Material Science ’74) retired in 2007 and recently built an ocean view home in Mexico. He enjoys travelling with his companion, Robin, and will be heading to Cuba and then South America in the near future.



DuntonSteve Dunton (Electrical Engineering ’86) recently accepted a part-time teaching position from the electrical engineering department at Cal Poly. Steve has 31 years of experience in the aerospace industry, working primarily in system engineering and program management with focus in satellite payloads and electronics development. He has worked as a system engineer, spacecraft leader, mission director, chief engineer and program manager. Steve has led multiple technology insertion programs, including Boeing’s UHF Hosted Payload effort for the Australian Defense Force, which was named by “Via Satellite” as one of the 30 events that shaped the last 30 years in space. He and Michelle McGarity (Industrial Engineering 1986) are celebrating 30 years of marriage.

Joel VazquezJoel Vazquez (Mechanical Engineering ’99) took an assignment as the in-kingdom construction project manager of a $3+ billion oil refinery owned by Saudi Aramco and ExxonMobil in Saudi Arabia in 2012 and 2013. This once-in-a-lifetime experience afforded him the opportunity to travel to Italy, Turkey, England, Spain, Sharjah, Dubai and other United Arab Emirates as well as gain insight to new cultures and exposure to local gastronomies.



Taylor Cheung (Mechanical Engineering ’05) is a California native who recently moved to Marlborough, Mass., after taking a position at Raytheon. Stepping into the unknown was a difficult decision but his experience at Cal Poly gave him the encouragement to take on new challenges.

Luis JimenezLuis Jimenez (Civil Engineering ’07) is now 10 years into a career that has included both regular contract work and emergency jobs keeping transportation moving and helping people get to their destinations by keeping the roads open and safe.


McInturffRobert McInturff (Mechanical Engineering ’07) was the project officer for the 100th anniversary celebration of the U.S. Air Force 90th Fighter Squadron that took place in August. Previous squadron members, dating as far back as Vietnam, attended the celebration.


Wilson TamWilson Tam (Electrical Engineering ’13) is working for Hitachi commissioning the world’s first continuous wave proton beam therapy system for boron neutron capture therapy at the National Cancer Center of Japan. He enjoys visiting exciting places all around Japan and is thankful for how well Cal Poly’s EE program prepared him for his career.


Henry Fisk (Biomedical Engineering ’15) is a product manager in digital health under the Strategy, Commercializations, & Innovation at Amgen, Inc.

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