Rites of Passage

Perhaps no Learn by Doing opportunity unites the Cal Poly experience as much as the senior project. Each endeavor builds a bridge between the concepts taught in the classroom and the skills the workplace demands. Some projects engage in scholarly research, some work with industry partners, some change the face campus itself. But all of them provide a critical stepping stone for students to dive into their passion and surface as a more confident professional, ready for what’s next.

All Cal Poly aerospace engineers aim to change the future of flight. A few are doing just that from within the on-campus wind tunnel. A team of undergraduate and graduate students have partnered with ES Aero to help test part of NASA’s new X-57 prototype electric aircraft, the first of its kind. Kyle Lukacovic and his teammates tested the drag of new propeller designs that will assist the aircraft upon liftoff and stow during flight. The best part: the data they collect will be shared with the aerospace community to help accelerate innovation in electric flight.
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