They Year in Quotes

Sometimes the best way to tell a story is to let the subjects speak for themselves. Discover the stories behind some of our favorite quotes from this past year.

Rangeland and resource management Professor Marc Horney’s characterization of a student-built drone that tracks weasels
It sounds like the weed whacker from hell.
History Professor Christina Firpo’s reaction to documents detailing how thousands of children were taken from their families in Southeast Asia
I kept thinking I must be overestimating all of it. I kept second-guessing myself … because it was such a crazy story.
Joseph Aparicio, aerospace engineering student, reflecting on his past as a gang member in Sacramento
Every time I look at my gang tattoos, I just remember how I’ve come so far.
Michael Latner, political science professor, describing his fellowship with the Center for Science and Democracy in Washington, D.C.
Gerrymandering is a bug in our political system. It’s something we can fix given the right tools.
Rylie Bryant, project manager for the BioSub team, on their search for the experimental human-powered submarine’s test pilot
Hey – does anyone have any friends who are small, good at swimming, good at biking and not afraid to be in confined spaces?
Biology Professor Jenn Yost noting the importance of Cal Poly’s field botany course, the last remaining in the state
We’re in a time of climate change and mass extinction on the planet. You don’t know what you’re losing if you don’t know what you have.
Professor Andrew Goodwin on being honored for his humanitarian work by the California Council of The American Institute of Architects
It means a lot to have someone recognize the work I do, when sometimes it is hard to see through the weeds as you are standing in them.
Biomedical Engineering Department Chair Bob Crockett describing the experience of using virtual reality technology from local startup HaptX
It stops your hand from going through a coffee cup that isn’t there.
Isabella, an undocumented student whose family came to the U.S. when she was 6, expressing uncertainty about her future
My DACA status expires in two years. Will I be able to use my degree? I’ve already been let go of two jobs because my new DACA card didn’t arrive in time.
Leila Murray, a biomedical engineering student who has spina bifida, joking sarcastically with her lab partner
It’s an interesting day when I’m the brawn of the group.
Economics Professor Steve Hamilton posing the central question to his award-winning research on food waste
You’re going to have almost 10 billion people in the world, so how are you going to feed them all ethically and efficiently?
What Amy Fleischer, dean of the College of Engineering, told her family when she realized she wanted to be an engineer as a child
I don’t want to be Sally Ride, but I want to build her spaceship.
Student Nick Somera’s diary entry while running a team relay from San Francisco to Baltimore raising money for a cancer charity
Today also marked the first day of my trip where I had to shower in a river.
Computer science student Emily Lucas’ description of stumbling upon a position writing code for astronomy research projects
Bam! You now know the super special hidden ways of getting into research at Cal Poly.
Alumnus Justin Trudeau (Landscape Architecture ’08) on the unexpected freedom of designing fantastical sets for Marvel films
If you can imagine it, and it looks cool, they just let you do it.